Homemade Fancy Nancy Cake

My daughter is in love with Fancy Nancy and there wasn’t much out there by way of cakes, etc when her birthday rolled around, so I had to get creative with my own Fancy Nancy Cake!

I love layered cakes of different sizes, so that is what I went with to make a fun and impressive cake! The bottom purple layer is 3-9″ round cakes, frosted. The middle layer is an 8″ cake (3″ thick) frosted and the top yellow layer is a 6″x2″ frosted cake. The color of the frostings are optional, this is what we chose.

The main thing with this cake is decorations!

Based on the “Bonjour Butterfly” book, I made butterflies out of melted candy melts. I used colored melts that coordinated with the frosting colors. I found a butterfly wing template online, taped it to a cookie sheet and placed a sheet of wax paper on top. I melted the colored candies and piped the wing template. I refrigerated them for a few minutes to harden and then I piped a line of the candy melts on wax paper and stuck the wings in. I held up the wings using ramekins while they dried. I then stuck the butterflies to the cake with frosting. In some cases I discretely stuck in a toothpick under the butterfly to help hold it up.

I purchased Fancy Nancy accessories- tiara, handbag, glasses to add to cake with the intent that they would be part of my daughters gift once I cleaned the frosting off! I also got the top purple “firecracker” at an Arts and Crafts store and stuck it in the top. The fun ice cream cone candles just looked cute.

I also wrapped a large pearl necklace around one layer and up the side and around the next. I then placed the cake on a “Prissy Platter” cake stand with a bow around it, so “posh”, as Nancy would say!

My daughter loved it!

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