Slendiferous Fancy Nancy Cake

I made this cake for my daughter’s 5th birthday. She loved Fancy Nancy and was having a fancy dress-up party with all her little girl friends, so I knew I couldn’t just make any normal 9×13 cake. I needed to make something splendiferous! I looked all over the internet looking at other Fancy Nancy cakes but none of them were quite what I was looking for. Then I looked through my daughter’s Fancy Nancy books and got my insperation from Nancy’s bedroom in the book.

This was the first time I ever went all out on a cake and I scowered the craft stores for fancy little trinkets to adorn this cake. I thought my husband was going to kill me with the money I spent on this cake hahaha. I started out with two 9″ round strawberry banana cakes and layered them on top of each other and then had a separate 6″ round layer. I iced them with whipped butter cream and used colored fondant to give it a nice finish and add great color
I made the number five on the computer and taped it to a skewer. I bought a bouquet of little fabric flowers and other bouquets of jewels and diamonds and butterflies and placed them all over the cake. I also took some of my daughter’s dress up jewelery and layed it on the cake.  I bought three plumes and stuck them in the back for extra extravagence.

Everyone I’ve shown the cake loves it and/or is surprised it was my first cake considering how well it turned out. The kids remember it as the Fancy Play-Doh Cake. They all thought the fondant was Play-Doh. They loved it though and thought that and the cake got lots of ohhs and awws.

To this day it’s still my favorite cake ;)

Slendiferous Fancy Nancy Cake

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