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Coolest Homemade Football Helmet Cake

A co-worker asked my wife if I could make a Steelers Homemade Football Helmet Cake for her son’s birthday. My wife said “Probably, he never made one before”. I agreed to try it. I borrowed a real helmet from the football coach. Took a bunch of pictures and then made 3/4 size printouts as a guide for the rough shape.

The cake is a chocolate cake with chocolate ganache filling, carved to size and shape coated in vanilla buttercream. I froze the cake to help with the carving. I made and colored the fondant for everything but the mask. The mask was made out of gum paste. Each loop was shaped and dried then water “glued” to each other. The nose piece was made last, notched, and “glued” so it would hold the loops when dried.

The text is screen printed with a mix of food coloring, vodka, and confectioner’s sugar on white fondant. The text dried for two days so I could make sure it didn’t bleed. Each diamond in the logo was hand cut from fondant and attached to the white circle, then the gray ring was cut. I used circle cutters for all of it. The diamond curves are arcs. The white inside the helmet and in the ear hole were done to mimic the white padding in a real helmet.

The fondant “straps” on the helmet that hold the mask really do hold the mask. I propped up the mask over night so the straps could set up. The cake was a huge hit with the birthday boy and his mom. It was an amazing experience.

Homemade Football Helmet Cake

Homemade Football Helmet Cake

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  1. This is a very excellent job. the fondant work is super smooth and the helmet looks real. My hat is off to you. Unbelievable job!

  2. Your cake is amazing! The fondant is very smooth and the details are incredible. You have a great amount of talent!!!!

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