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Cool Homemade NY Giants Football Birthday Cake

My husband is a diehard NY Giants fan so I wanted to make a special cake for him. I saw some other football cake ideas here on this website and kinda created my own NY Giants Football Birthday Cake. I drew out a template for the whole football field and made it how I wanted the cake to look with colors and all. I made a football template and used a mug that would be about the size of the helmet to create the face mask. I also made the goal posts using wooden coffee stirrers and silver pipe cleaners (which wasn’t in this pic).

This cake took 4 boxes of cake mix. Used a large lasagna pan and baked 2 mixes at a time. One of the cakes was cut in half to add on to make the football field longer. The rest of the other half was used to cut out the football and build the helmet shape. I used homemade buttercream icing and colored it with gel food coloring. To make the NY sign in the middle I drew out a template and traced it over fondant with a knife and cut it out.

The NY Giants on the end zones was also made out of fondant and cut out with 2 inch cookie cutters. The white letters once on the cake were outlined with red to make the letters pop. To make the helmet and the football I used the star method to decorate it. The face mask was made out of pipe cleaners. T

his cake took a total of 7 1/2 hours!! 5 1/2 was prep time and decorating time. 1 hour to prep and make templates and 1/2 hour to make marshmallow fondant and cut out letter. Then 4 hours of decorating the entire cake.

I spaced it all out as I would recommend. I made the templates, goal posts and face mask on Friday (1 hour). Baked the cakes on Saturday (2 hours) then SunDAY morning did the fondant and letters (1/2 hour) then Sunday afternoon pieced cake together and decorated it (4 hours).

I also took a large cardboard box and cut it to size b the template and covered it with foil as the base. The cake was a HUGE hit and my hubby LOVED it!! It was by far the cake I have enjoyed most making.


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