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Cool Homemade Frog Prince Cake

Well once again inspired by Debbie Brown  I was inspired by this frog prince cake. I had never tackled anything like this before and as illustrations were included I gave it my best go. The original design of this cake was covered in one piece of fondant although when I attempted this I dismally failed . So I instead opted to cover the 2 cakes separately. This was a much better way for me as I didn’t have all the creases to try and get rid off around the neck area.

So both cakes ready I joined with ganache, the head to the bottom half of the body smoothing with my fingers. Using ribbon to make a bow tie to cover the imperfections. Then I decided to add a crown and give him some balloons. He proudly sat on a cake board covered with blue paper covered with a transparent paper and topped with edible glitter sprinkles to represent his pond. I think he turned out pretty cute, hope you agree. Thank you once again to  Debbie Brown for her inspiring creations.