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Coolest Froggy Prince Birthday Cake

This is the Froggy Prince birthday cake  I made for my nephew’s 1st birthday! I also made a Dora and Boots cake for everyone to enjoy on that day. But this was his own personal 1st birthday cake that he could have all for himself. One of his nicknames is froggy prince and so I decided to make him a cake to fit his nickname. His mom knew that I was making the Dora and Boots cake. But this cake was a surprise cake. I didn’t tell anyone I was making it. I struggled for days in my head on how to make it. I had never attempted to make a cake like this before. I have no professional skills under my belt. Everything I make I teach myself to do. This was a new one for me. After the Dora and Boots cake was completed and ready to go I decided just to go for it and make it up as I went. I have to say it was very nerve racking!

The basics:

1st- I made 3 6in round cakes. I used a store bought cake mix but then I spiced it up. My daughter is lactose intolerant  and I found that if I use vanilla soy milk instead of regular milk or water it gives the cake a very rich flavor plus I added extra vanilla extract to the batter. The cakes came out so moist!

2nd- I built the cakes up and iced them with homemade butter cream. Made with Crisco, butter, vanilla extract and a lot of confectionery sugar. It’s yummy! And for chocolate you just add cocoa!

3rd- I shaved the cake down to make it look like a frog body! (Kinda reminded me of the shape of  a whole pineapple with the top cut off)!

4th- I crumb coated the cake!

Fondant Fun:

After the cake part was assembled it was time for the real fun.

1st- I colored fondant green. (A lighter green for the frog and a darker green for the spots)

2nd- I rolled the light green fondant out to cover the body.

3rd- I used the same light green and made a ball with the fondant. I stretched the fondant into an oblong ball and then pushed inward and folded it over its self to create the mouth. I molded the top to look like eyes and then used a toothpick to poke hole for the nose.

4th- I rolled the fondant into logs and made them thicker at the ends to create the arms and legs. (They turned out OK but it was hard to get them perfect.)

The small things:

I used fondant to make everything that wasn’t cake.

The tongue was made of fondant but I had to put a wire in it to keep it straight! It caused me a lot of trouble and I had to start it over several times.

The eyes I had purchased at Hobby Lobby and they were just candy eyes!

I just molded the crown together by hand out of yellow fondant and the spots were just out of fondant as well!

And my personal fave of the cake was the fly. I kept staring at the cake like it was missing something and I thought a fly would be perfect!

One small thing I wish I could change:

I was worried that the head was going to be to heavy to sit on the small amount of cake and I was right! The weight of the head caused the fondant to wrinkle and bunch up! But some how it actually worked and made the frog look a little better.

At the end when the cake was done it was sitting on a white cake board! It looked boring so I added the purple flowers! But if I could do it again I would have made a lily pad for the frog to sit on. And then added some flowers!