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Coolest Golf Themed Cake

My son called and asked if I’d make a golf themed cake for a benefit being held in honor of a friend of his killed last fall in a car accident.  The young man left a 4 year old son behind, and the community was trying to raise funds for the little boy’s future. He sent me several ideas and we took what we liked from a few and I put them in a cake. I used a standard 10 inch round cake pan for the base and baked 3-1 inch layers. The ball itself was made with Wilton’s large ball pan.

The ball was a white cake frosted with white butter cream.  I took the large end of a decorating tip and made small circles in the cake, then took a small measuring spoon and scooped out just a thin layer of cake to make the dimples. The main cake was a 3 layer chocolate cake with white butter cream frosting.  Both cakes were covered with fondant and a sculpting tool was used to make the dimples more prominent.  The ball was “marked” with the little boy’s initials and age.

My son told me the cake was a big hit at the benefit.  He hasn’t learned what kind of money it generated in the silent auction, but the deal was that this cake would go to the family in whose honor the benefit was held and I’d make another cake for whomever won the silent auction.  Such a deal!  Can’t wait to see what they want in a cake.