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Coolest Guinea Pig Birthday Cake

I made this Guinea Pig Birthday Cake for my daughter’s 9th birthday. I baked 2 x 9″ square cake tins and baked two vanilla sponges with my 225g butter, 225g self raising flour, 225g caster sugar and 4 eggs splash of milk and vanilla essence cooked on gas mark 4 for 50 mins.

When they where cooled I cut one in half and pushed the other two together and cut in to the basic shape. I then used the other half to build up the back of the guinea pig. I sandwiched together with strawberry jam and then butter iced the whole cake leaving in the fridge over night.

Next day I mixed chesnut brown colouring to make the main colour and orange for the patches and rolled out and cut into random shapes changing them as I went along, made some pink icing for the nose and feet and stuck them on.

This was actually one of the quickest cakes I have made and one of the best so far. I know my daughter who is obsessed with guinea pigs is going to love it although im sure its way to cute.

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  1. i love your cake! it is so yum because i have tryed it and i am a big fan of guinea pigs! i have 4 guinea pigs in my backyard one died so know we got 5 because we got one for jaida and onefor my little brother


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