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Coolest Hello Kitty 4th Birthday

My daughter Mia turned 4 and wanted a Hello kitty theme. I had the party at the park and the weather was gorgeous! Everything was pink. We had a beautiful Hello Kitty pinata. We had a blast! I decided to go with a 2 tier round cake and of course, PINK!!

Both tiers were multi-coloured rainbow layers. I had four layers to represent the 4 years. It was a simple vanilla cake with added extract to make the vanilla flavor stick out.

I baked the layers separately and left to cool. I then stacked them while sandwiching each layer with raspberry jam and vanilla ready made icing (Betty Crocker). I then covered the cake with jam to allow fondant to stick. I colored the fondant in 2 shades of pink.

Once both tiers were covered I cut out the Hello Kitty face and placed it on the top tier. I then decorated the rest of the cake with flowers and hearts.

I loved making this cake and Mia helped me do all the heart cut outs!! She did an excellent job!

Homemade Hello Kitty 4th Birthday

Homemade Hello Kitty 4th Birthday

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