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Coolest Leonardo Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle Cake

This Leonardo Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle Cake was SO much fun to make! (At least for me.) It did take me quite a while to decorate, but it was also my first ‘big cake job’. There are more fun-cakes-made-by-me to come in the future!

My son was turning 3 just last month and is quite thrilled about the Ninja Turtles at this point in life (as I was “back in my day”, so all the more fun)!

In order to please everyone (or try to), I used a chocolate cake mix for Leonardo’s head, hands and feet, a vanilla cake mix for his body and confetti cake mix for the cupcake arms and legs.

(The swords –because, you can’t have a Leonardo without swords!– are simply made of aluminum foil and cardboard.)

The blue, black and white frosting colors were simple, as I used the ‘squeezable’ frosting for each of those. For the green however, I mixed food coloring in with regular vanilla frosting (needed quite a bit of the green to get it to my desired shade of green).

Now, for the “tummy” color… I tried (unsuccessfully) many times to mix all of the colors of the rainbow together into the white frosting in an attempt to make it this color or even close to this color. (Frustrating.)

SO! My (“duh-moment”) solution? Take the white frosting…and add chocolate syrup. It didn’t take much to make it the shade I’d been trying for so long to create.

In the end, I was extremely happy with the way it turned out and the way my son’s sweet little face just LIT up when he saw it. “It’s Yee-oh (Leo), mama!! Cooool!!” The party-guest compliments came flooding it and that was all good and wonderful for me, but I will carry my sweet little boy’s reaction with me forever.

Have fun with this! It’s TOTALLY doable, but give yourself some time, if you’re not used to doing these things (like I wasn’t).

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