This Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Birthday cake turned a great mom into her child’s absolute hero!

I’m a foodie and I do not discriminate against anything I can digest; So it did not surprise me that I took up a food/baking hobby. I bake with love and I definitely put more than love into that cake.

I freaked out at one point making this cake because icing is tricky I didn’t use it to cover my cake just decoration only so getting it to be smooth was a hard feat to accomplish.  My kid made it hard to handle in top of only having three days to make this cake. When I finished it was the best feeling and when I delivered my cake and let his mom present it to the birthday boy I don’t think I’ve ever seen a more happy enthusiastic boy. He shouted momma I love you. My cake looked great and tasted even better the icing melts in your mouth with just the right balance of cake and icing. and smelled like I just baked it. But the best part was.   when his single mom took me the side hugged me and said thank you my son is a daddy boy (they are divorced)  and thanks to you im his hero for the day and his dad cant beat this cake. That hug was o loving and inviting I love baking especially when it bringa somuch joy to peoples day and thier taste buds