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Coolest Michael Jackson Billie Jean Hat Cake

I made this Michael Jackson Billie Jean Hat Cake for son Alex for his 13th birthday September 2009. He is A HUGE fan.

I started with cooking two mud cakes using an 8″ round cake tin and an 8″ casserole dish. I then cut the cake down a little so it wasn’t to high and I used the off cuts to build up the top of the cake to give a sunken look. I then carved out a small section on the front to give a sunken look again for he shape of the hat.

I then covered the cake with black fondant, I made sure it was big enough to make a rim also and I then cut around it. I placed a sponge and the end of the cake to give the appearance of the lip of the hat sticking up. I then covered what was left of the board with red butter cream and placed fondant cut outs of music notes and writing.

I then placed a black ribbon around the hat cake and I made a glove out of fondant by tracing around my hand and cutting it out. I placed silver cashews and edible glitter on the glove for the sparkle.

My son loved his cake. A big hit for Michael Jackson fans.

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