Coolest Minute to Win It Birthday Cake

My daughter wanted a Minute to Win It party for her 6th birthday party. She saw a Minute to Win It cake online and had to have a matching cake! She wanted her cake to be chocolate but I happen to like yellow butter cake for decorating with fondant.

After trying 5 (yes, I baked 5 cakes last week and had friends come over and taste-test them) other chocolate cake recipes, 2 days before the party, we finally decided on the 2nd Devil’s Food Cake from the Cooks Illustrated cookbook. Since I knew that one cake would not feed all the kids and parents, I decided to make my old stand by, the Yellow Butter Cake from the cake bible. And instead of the classic buttercream I usually make, my daughter wanted chocolate buttercream.

So, the round cake was the chocolate cake with chocolate buttercream (Ina Garten’s) and the square cake was the yellow butter cake with chocolate buttercream. The design was made with homemade marshmallow fondant colored with food coloring. I don’t do gumpaste figures or sculptures so the design was simply cut or shaped fondant.

The cakes came out very clean and crisp looking and really highlighted the theme of the birthday party (and tasted REALLY REALLY REALLY good!)

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