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Coolest Raggedy Ann and Andy Cake 5

I have boy/girl twins and for their first birthday I picked the Raggedy Ann/Andy theme as it was boy/girl, and ‘retro’. I could have easily done Dora, etc, but wanted a challenge. It was very important that each child had their own cake.

Using the vintage Raggedy Ann cake pan (found on Ebay), it comes with directions on how to decorate for Ann and Andy. I made a base cake and decorated it like a tablecloth and placed the Ann and Andy cakes on top. What I found to be important was that I used a pound cake recipe for the Ann/Andy cakes so they were sturdy and easy to decorate. I didn’t want to have to contend with crumby, falling apart cakes!

It was a huge hit and I was so proud!

4 thoughts on “Coolest Raggedy Ann and Andy Cake 5”

  1. Your cake is amazing! I love that you used not only a vintage theme but your got the vintage pans from eBay. Too cool! It must have taken you forever to decorate though… also I am sure you guys were eating cake for weeks. I think it is great that it is so important to you for your kids to have their personalized cakes even though they are twins! Kudos to you on your coolest cake!

  2. Your cake is beautiful. I bet it tasted nice.
    It’s interesting having a boy/girl twins, it’s a challenge to come up with a birthday theme for them.


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