4 Cool Raggedy Ann Birthday Cake Ideas

Fun Cake Design Ideas

I used two 8″ round pans for this cake. Use one for the head and cut the other one in half. Take the first half and use for the body and the second half cut in half again. Use the wedges to give Raggedy Ann some shoulders. I used butter cream icing for decorating with … Read more

Fun Cake Design Ideas for a Raggedy Ann Cake 1

I made this cake for my niece on her second birthday. I had so much fun making it and more fun watching her eat it. I went searching on the internet for a fun cake design and came across Raggedy Ann. I could not find a Raggedy Ann cake pan but I found a recipe … Read more

Fun Cake Design Ideas for a Raggedy Ann Cake 2

I used an eight inch casserole dish that was round for the head and an eight inch round pan for the body which I cut in half to just make the chest area. I frosted the cake in buttercream frosting. I used skittles for the flowers and red peel apart licorice cut in smaller strips … Read more

Fun Cake Design Ideas for a Raggedy Ann Cake 3

This cake design was for a baby shower, but could be done for a birthday too. Its a double layer sheet cake with butter cream icing. I used a basket weave around sides. I printed a picture from the internet and sized it to fit the space I needed. I frosted the whole cake first. … Read more

Coolest Raggedy Ann and Andy Cake 5

Raggedy Ann and Andy Cake

I have boy/girl twins and for their first birthday I picked the Raggedy Ann/Andy theme as it was boy/girl, and ‘retro’. I could have easily done Dora, etc, but wanted a challenge. It was very important that each child had their own cake. Using the vintage Raggedy Ann cake pan (found on Ebay), it comes … Read more

Coolest Raggedy Ann Ice Cream Cake

Homemade Raggedy Ann Ice Cream Cake

A mother with young children wanted something really special for her daughter’s 1st birthday. She decided upon Raggedy Ann and wanted the cake to be strawberry with strawberry cheesecake ice cream filling. Since a double layer of ice cream would make the cake heavy, I opted not to make the cake 3-dimensional. You’ll need a … Read more

Coolest Raggedy Ann Birthday Cake

Homemade Raggedy Ann Birthday Cake

I made this Raggedy Ann birthday cake for my granddaughter’s 2nd birthday. It was requested by her mother, my daughter, because I had made a Raggedy Ann cake for her when she was 2 years old (37 years earlier). The body was a rectangular chocolate cake, cut into the shape of the dress. The arms, … Read more

Coolest Ragetty Ann Cake

Homemade Ragetty Ann Cake

This Ragetty Ann Cake was made from a doll pan, but was then decorated using RAGETTY ANN looks. I also made a Ragetty Ann doll to match the cake colors. The hair was made from red licorice (thin peelable strips). For the red stripes on her stockings I used licorice, which was also used for … Read more