My son is a HUGE Ratatouille fan. At the time I made this cake, we had just moved into a new house, there weren’t a huge number of resources for Ratatouille cake ideas (why didn’t I think of the Cheese Block???), so this Ratatouille cake is what we came up with, using what we had on hand.

I baked my killer carrot cake recipe to make three 8-inch cake layers, and homemade cream cheese frosting to hold the stack together. Only the top layer of the frosting was tinted the palest shade of orange to look more like a vegetable soup stock. We then wrapped aluminum foil around the stack to create the look of a stock pot, and folded additional pieces to create the “handles”.

The vegetables “in” the soup are actually vegetables (the peas could be substituted with green jelly beans and the carrots with candy orange slices, I suppose). My daughter created the “alphabet” letters out of pearl beads for me–again, as this was a family-only event, so we picked off the non-edibles before cutting the cake. Any message could be piped on by the more adventurous. A few figurines, curling ribbon, plaid napkins and miscellaneous cooking utensils finished off the effect. . . Bon appetite!