12 Cool Homemade Finding Nemo Picture and 3D Cakes

Coolest Finding Nemo Picture Cakes and How-To Tips

I made this Nemo cake for my daughter’s 2nd birthday. I took a lot of Finding Nemo picture ideas off this web-site and added a few of my own. Nemo is made from 2 Pampered Chef batter bowls-a large one and a small one. I mixed the cake from a regular cake mix following the … Read more

Cool Homemade Lion King Birthday Cake

Every year I do a birthday bash for 10 to 13 people who live up on the hill with us, here in Naivasha  and all have birthdays in August.  I try to do one large cake that incorporates everyone.  This was one of these cakes done for my “rafikis” (Swahili for Friends).  All the figures … Read more

Coolest Tigger Birthday Cakes

Coolest Tigger Cartoon Cake Photos and How-To Tips

For my son’s first birthday we threw a Tigger Party and I came up with this cartoon cake to match the theme. I baked a 9×13 vanilla cake (vanilla cakes are easier to ice than chocolate because the crumbs don’t show as much!) and made icing with shortening and icing sugar. I iced the cake … Read more

Coolest Eeyore Cakes

Coolest Birthday and Celebration Cake Photo Gallery

I made this celebration cake by cutting an 8″ round in half to make a half circle then I stuck it together with whipped cream icing. The nose and legs are wedges cut out of a second 8″ round. I used a grass tip and whipped icing to make the fur. The ears are Graeme … Read more

Coolest Disney Snow White Cake Ideas

Coolest Disney Snow White Cake Ideas

My friend’s daughter loves Snow White and desperately wanted a Disney Snow White cake doll. So after the cake was eaten the doll was her present from me. The cakes were made in a 6inch cake tin and the top one I carved to shape it a bit more curved for the top of the … Read more

Coolest Monster Inc Birthday Cakes

Coolest Monster Inc Cakes on the Web's Largest Homemade Birthday Cake Gallery

I always make “theme” cakes for my son’s birthday. This time I made a Monster Inc cake. It was a big hit and very easy to make. I usually use a boxed cake mix and use the cake as a canvas. For this cake I used monster inc. figures and made the door bed and … Read more

25+ Cool Mickey Mouse Clubhouse Cakes

Mickey Mouse Clubhouse Cakes

Mickey Mouse Clubhouse cakes are an all-time favorite with Mickey’s fans, and if you’re throwing a Mickey’s clubhouse party the cakes below are a great place to start your Mickey Mouse clubhouse cake adventure. Mickey, Minnie, Donald, Daisy, Pluto and Goofy can all take part in your cake creation. #1: Mickey Mouse Clubhouse Cake by … Read more

6 Cool Mickey Mouse Picture Cakes for Birthday Cake Inspiration

Mickey Mouse Picture Cakes

Here’s a cool collection of Mickey Mouse picture cakes. Make sure to check out the many Mickey Mouse cakes on the site – they’re sure to provide you with lots of inspiration! Cool 3D Mickey Mouse Picture Cake Mickey Mouse picture cake submitted by AJ C., Perth, Australia I promised my two year old a Mickey … Read more

Coolest Finding Nemo Cakes

Coolest Finding Nemo Cakes

The top portion was created in a 9×13 cake pan. I freehanded a drawing from other Nemo cakes on this site. Cut the shape to fit and pieced together. Frosted orange and added white and black piping and used brown M&M’s for the eyes. The bottom portion was prepared with two boxes of cake mix … Read more

Coolest Finding Nemo Cake Ideas and Decorating Inspiration

Coolest Finding Nemo Cake Photos

My son loves Nemo so I thought why not make him a Nemo cake? I used a mold for the shape of the fish and baked two cake mixes in it. I made butter cream icing and colored it with professional food colors. The professional colors gave me the bright vivid colors I needed. I … Read more

Cool Homemade Finding Nemo Picture Cakes and How-To Tips

You’ll also find loads of homemade cake ideas and DIY birthday cake inspiration.

I got a lot of inspiration for this cake from Finding Nemo picture cakes I saw on the web. Make two 10″ cake layers. I used 1 cake mix per layer. This gives a nice high-layered cake. I used a basic butter-cream frosting recipe. I made the background a darker aqua than the light blue … Read more

Coolest Belle Birthday Cake Pictures

Coolest Belle Birthday Cake Pictures

I got a lot of inspiration from other Bell birthday cake pictures on this site. I made this Barbie doll cake for a friend’s four year old daughter. I used a Belle doll, the Wilton Wonder Mold pan and two 8″ layers underneath. I used two yellow cake mixes plus one box of vanilla pudding … Read more