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Coolest Remote Control 1st Birthday Cake

At one, my son was OBSESSED with the TV remote, and he loved chocolate. So this Remote Control 1st Birthday Cake was a natural fit.

The remote is two 9×13 cakes end-to-end. I used a Pyrex dish so the corners would already be rounded, and cut one end so the two cakes would butt together nicely. It ended up 9″ by 22″. It’s iced with a rich homemade dark chocolate icing that I smoothed as much as possible with a knife, and then even more with a hair dry to melt down any points.

The buttons (and the letters on the cupcakes) are made of Jell-O cut out with cookie cutters or free-hand. I followed a halved Jiggler recipe, but instead of 1.25 cups of hot water, I used 1 cups of hot water & 1/4 cup of evaporated milk. It didn’t affect the taste, but the opaque jello is so much more vibrant (especially against the dark icing). I will never make clear jigglers again!

Since the main cake was super chocolate, the cupcakes were a simple vanilla, with some sprinkles, topped with the letters to spell out the Happy Birthday message.

All in all it was a big hit.

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