This Homemade Nikon D300 Camera Birthday Cake Design plus cupcakes were made for my husband’s 28th birthday (he’s a professional photographer and this is the camera he uses). I made a marble three layer rectangular cake (from scratch, but you can use box mix if you like) with chocolate buttercream icing between each layer. I cut the shape of the camera and covered the whole cake in a thin layer of chocolate buttercream frosting. For the lens I used two cupcakes “glued” together by chocolate buttercream and attached them with short wooden dowels to secure them in place.

I colored the fondant in the different colors needed for the details (black, grey, red, white). The cake was covered with one big piece of rolled black fondant (the body and the lens) and I smoothed it to fit. I made all the details out of black, grey, red and white fondant (buttons, lens glass, flash clips, lens outer details, picture viewer, number and settings display, view finder, etc.) and attached them by moistening the pieces and using the water as “glue”. The name, make and other smaller details were made by piping them out of buttercream icing. On the picture viewer I attached a wallet size picture of us to make it more realistic.

For the cupcake decorations (the mini cameras) I modeled them out of fondant including the lenses and used buttercream icing for the red dot and white line. The cupcakes are chocolate flavored with buttercream frosting on top.