Coolest Rolie Olie Polie Cake

I made this Rolie Olie Polie cake using the Wilton Sports Ball Pan, mini muffin tray, and regular sized cupcake tray. Used two Betty Crocker cake mixes, buttercream icing with Wilton colouring, and Wilton cake decorating tools.

I’ve never made a cake before in my life, and I think Olie turned out just wonderful! I basically looked at all the Rolie Polie Olie cakes, and did my own thing.

Head/Body – Wilton Sports ball (pour a little more batter in one of the pans to use as the head)

Antennae/shoulders/hands/eyes/nose – mini muffin cupcakes (cut to fit)

Ears – regular cupcake top

Feet – regular cupcake bottom (cut off a small portion at bottom)

Enjoy…hope that helped.

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