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Coolest Shrek Birthday Cake

A friend of mine was having a Shrek themed party for her son and asked if I could help her out with a cake. I jumped at the chance. Not only did she want Shrek on the cake, she wanted it to be a Topsy Turvy cake. This would be my first Topsy Turvy cake and couldn’t wait to do it.

The cake consisted of 4 layers. The bottom section was 2 layers that were 9 inch round cakes. The top section were 2 layers that were 6 inch round cakes. For each section, I cut one of the layers diagonally from the bottom left to the top right so that I ended up with 2 triangular wedges. I turned one of those wedges 180 degrees and placed it onto of the other wedge. So each section was made up of a round cake and the 2 wedges.

I covered the bottom section with white fondant and then cut out the center of the cake so that the top section would sit flat ( in hind sight, I would have covered it with white fondant after I cut out the center piece). I covered the top section and placed it on top. The Shrek face is simply butter cream icing. The method for putting any image on a cake can be found on my blog (on my author page) . The tutorial is too long to put here. My friend then helped out with the fondant circles and stripes and the cute Shrek ear at the bottom. It turned out pretty well and was a hit at the party.