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Coolest Topsy Turvy Crazy Birthday Cake

This Topsy Turvy Crazy Birthday Cake was for my daughters 25th birthday. Her birthday is on Valentines Day and I’ve always done hearts, etc, but wanted to do something as unique and special as she is.

The bottom cake is sour cream pound cake with strawberry filling and buttercream icing. Top is Red Velvet with cream cheese filling with buttercream on top of that.

I played with the gumpaste for the 1st time making the teacup and saucer on the very top, rolled out various sizes of beads, and made crazy “lit” candles and stuck them in the teacup. I had Colette Peters “Cakes to Dream On” book to get ideas and techniques from. I am in awe of that woman and her limitless imagination and PATIENCE!! I could never dream of coming close to her, but what inspiration!

I made the “fantasy flowers” from CP’s book using white fondant and luster paints, etc. putting them on florists wire along with royal icing beads on curled florists wire for a “sproingy” effect.

Then used white fondant, shiny black fondant and tried making pink modeling chocolate (I think I’ll stick to fondant next time…I think the color would have been brighter and better)

I bought black decorating icing, and piped the dots. I used royal icing to attach the little tiny flowers and dots and her name in fondant to the cake.

Make sure to use long dowels all the way through the cake for support. The cake gets extremely heavy with all this fondant and icing.

Also, of great help were the tips on how to assemble a Topsy Turvy Cake by cutting away a section of the bigger cake (the size of the smaller one) so the smaller cake can fit into it while still being crooked.

Topsy Turvy Crazy Birthday Cake

Topsy Turvy Crazy Birthday Cake

6 thoughts on “Coolest Topsy Turvy Crazy Birthday Cake”

  1. this cake is amazing i love it!! I bet your daughter was over the moon!! and I have always wondered how to do the Topsy Turvy thing, fabulous

  2. This cake really is beautiful and unique! I’m trying a Topsy Turvy for the first time today, but I’m sure it won’t look anything like this!

  3. I have been looking and studying how to make whimsical cakes..and I must admit I have seen beautiful works but I must say yours is one of the exceptional..very beautiful in detail…I love all the detail works that you’ve done to the cake..I am wondering if you can send me a tutorial on how you made your cake…pls. Thanks a bunch…by the way, Iam from Ocala FL…


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