This is a birthday cake for a 3 year client.  The cakes used is a 10,8 and 6 inch square cakes, baked and filled and covered in fondant. I used square Styrofoam  in the sizes of 8,6 and 4 in between the cakes. The Styrofoam was cut on the slant so that the cakes would slant once attached to them. I used real ice cream cones and sugar cones, topped them with Styrofoam balls and decorated the ball with different color fondant to mimic ice cream. But if you want all edible items you can use all fondant or make rice krispie treats and roll them into a ball, then cover them with fondant, or bake cake mix into the cones for a nice edible treat for the kids.

As for the board, I used a 3 inch thick foam core board, and a thick dowel rod which was hot glue into the board. All cakes and Styrofoam was then pre-drilled hole to slide onto the dowel.  I purchased a mini gumball machine that was filled with gumball, it worked great, the kids had a good time using it.

A week in advance I made all gum paste figurines, the peppermint man, grand mom nuts, lollipop,  princess, king, grandmom tree. I used a picture off the net to refer to the characters and their clothing. The characters that I stuck into the cake was made of a wooden skewer.  The topper was made of RKT ( RICE KRISPIE TREATS) and that also fit onto the wooden dowel.  Allow time for all gum paste characters to dry before you handle them.