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Coolest Smoking Volcano Birthday Cake

We rented a party pirate ship for my son’s 6th birthday, but he wanted a volcano cake. So we decided to combine the theme. I went to the coolest cake website to find some brilliant ideas.

I baked a few round sponge cakes to build up the volcano and placed a flower vase in the middle. I covered the whole cake with butter icing and then used butter icing with cocoa to do the bottom of the volcano.

Then I rolled out sheets of plastic icing to cover the volcano. I covered it in layers starting with orange at the bottom, then yellow and red.  I then added red and yellow tears for some contrast. I found that using matching and lively colors is a big secret to the success of a cake.

We bought a pirate play set as decorations around the cake. Then we obtained some dry ice from our neighbor – (working for a dry ice company) How lucky! At the party, we inserted the dry ice into the vase in the middle and added a drop of water. Then the volcano started smoking! Cool!

Unfortunately, we could not eat the cake at the party, as the dry ice froze it. This was not a big deal, as there was more than enough to eat.