Coolest Volcano Cake

This centerpiece is dedicated to my grandson Jayce who turned 5. He wanted a monster truck cake, but was having a mad scientist party. To accommodate his wishes I made each piece to reference his party.

The erupting volcano cake is made out of two huge batches of homemade rice crisp’s molded to form the volcano. The center was cut out of the volcano to accommodate the erupting effect. I used a small glass

of water and dry ice for the erupting effect. The outside was sprayed for color.

The “rainbow” monster truck cake is frosted with chocolate frosting and topped with handmade (fondant) rocks (hand sprayed to the desired color). The colors in the rainbow cake are colors were used for his party decorations. The monster truck toys were piped with chocolate frosting to give the “mud” look. My grandson couldn’t wait to help “clean them up”, by of course, eating the “mud” frosting off of the toys.

The edible shark pool is made out of blue jello and toy sharks. Sprinkled with colored sprinkles.

The sand is made up out of three different types of materials; graham crackers, ginger snaps, and brown sugar. All items were individually crushed and stored until I was ready to assemble the centerpiece. All

were neatly placed to show depth and originality. Small green and orange lizards were placed on various locations of the sand to enhance the island scene.

Homemade Volcano Cake

Homemade Volcano Cake

Homemade Volcano Cake

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