My grandson is big into dinosaurs, and I made the mistake of showing him hundreds of pics, nothing was quite right, so I just made up this Homemade 4th Birthday Dinosaur and Volcano Cake as I went along.

I used 2 boxed chocolate fudge cake mixes, baked in a turkey roaster pan. Made a double batch of coco pebbles marshmallow treats, and tinted the marshmallow part with black Wilson’s food coloring. I shaped the volcano around a juice glass (first sprayed with vegetable oil), and made a lot of little rocks for which I used to make the waterfall, etc. I left the glass inside the volcano to hold the dry ice.

I bought a package of aquarium plants for the bushes, and of course, some dinosaurs. I usually make the Wilson’s icing recipe, but I was short on time so I used ready made frosting, chocolate and white, and tinted the white the colors I needed. I used pieces of paper roughly cut to the sizes of where the volcano and waterfall would go, frosted part of the cake with chocolate frosting and placed the volcano.

Then I assembled the waterfall on a piece of greased wax paper, frosted the green part and set it into place. I tinted frosting blue for the water, and added some swirls of white frosting to the water to give it depth. I set the rocks and dinosaurs into place, and arranged the bushes and more rocks. Lastly, I edged the cake with the marshmallow rocks and added the lava.

Just before it was time for the birthday boy to blow out the candles, I placed several pieces of dry ice into the glass inside the volcano, along with some water. The look on his face was priceless!! This was one of the most fun cakes I’ve ever made, everyone loved it! This cake could easily serve 25 people.