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Coolest South Korea Birthday Cake

I made this Chocolate Mousse Birthday Cake for my Auntie Jee-Hee. She is from South Korea, so I decorated the cake using the South Korean flag and “happy birthday” in Korean.

I made a classic chocolate sponge cake, which I cut into three thin layers after cooling. For the filling I made a French dark chocolate mousse without cream, where high-quality dark chocolate is enriched with egg yolks and butter, and lightened with egg whites. The sponge cakes were assembled with the chocolate mousse and left in the refrigerator overnight to set.

The next day I covered the cake with marzipan, and left the marzipan to dry. I then brushed the marzipan with vodka and covered the cake with white sugarpaste. After letting the sugarpaste dry, I cut the red and blue “taegeuk” out of colored sugarpaste, which was stuck onto the white icing. I had originally planned to cut the four black trigrams out of black sugarpaste, but I ended up hand-painting it directly onto the white sugarpaste, along with the Korean and English writing.

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