Cool Homemade Spaghetti Cake

This Spaghetti Cake was so easy, I just cut my cake corners off and then I had already fixed my meatballs, 1 bag choc.chips and 1 pkg of cream cheese. Melt chips and then mix cream cheese, make into balls and refrigerate night before.

I fixed my spag sauce, strawberry preserves and confectioners sugar mix to taste, and boiled to thin it out and mix two together well. I made my icing out of Crisco and confectioners sugar. I piped my icing in an up and down motion to make my noodles and then I rolled my meatballs in the sauce and put them in the middle. Afterwards, I poured remaining sauce over to be random and grated white chocolate to look like Parmesan cheese.

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  1. Your cake is too cute. I am going to try to duplicate it. Would you share with me the recipe for the icing? I would so appreciate it. Thank you,


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