When my aunt called and wanted a spaghetti and meatballs cake, I wasn’t sure what to make! I searched the internet for something I could tackle. I decided to go with a pot of spaghetti with a single serving of pasta on the side. I had my work cut out for me!

I began by stacking four, 9″ round cakes with buttercream filling. I put a cake board between the top two and bottom two layers for support. I used wooden skewers to hold the cakes together as one large cake. Once I had the cake assembled, I covered it with buttercream frosting. I used a paper towel and a fondant smoother to create a nice, flat surface on what would become the pot for the spaghetti. I had to come up with an idea for pot handles, so I searched my cupboards and decided liquorice would work. I cut the liquorice to fit and stuck toothpicks into each end. I then secured the liquorice to the top of the cake by poking the toothpicks in as far as they would go. They felt very sturdy. I used an airbrush and edible food coloring to give the cakes a silver color to look like a cooking pot.

After completing the cooking pot, I moved on to some of the other details. I knew I wanted a cutting board and some ingredients that might be used in spaghetti on there. I decided to make crisped rice and marshmallows into a tomato shape and meatball shapes. After allowing time to harden in the refrigerator, I covered the tomato with homemade marshmallow fondant. I also created tomato slices out of the marshmallow fondant. I added the details of the tomato slice with a toothpick. I used an airbrush to add edible food coloring to the tomato pieces. Then, I sprayed the crisped rice and marshmallow meatballs with brown food coloring. They looked so real! I used gumpaste to create an edible knife and cutting board. I added sugar perals to the handle of the knife to give it detail. I sprayed the gumpaste cutting board with brown, edible food coloring then used a paintbrush to create lines on it.

My eight-year old daughter loves to help with cakes, so she added the buttercream noodles to the top of the cooking pot. She got to go crazy and squeeze, squeeze, squeeze lots of frosting out! We had a blast with that part! I added a small 6″ round cake to a plastic bowl and covered it with the buttercream noodles. I mixed some red and orange food coloring with my buttercream to create a look of spaghetti sauce. I put that on all the noodles. I used a cheese grater and white chocolate bars to create what looked like parmesan cheese. My daughter and I sprinkles the white chocolate on the cakes.

The final details were adding the leaves of the tomato out of green buttercream frosting and adding the edible sugar paper and letters to the front of the cooking pot. This was my first time using colored sugar paper. I was very pleased with the results and how easy the sugar paper was to work with. I used an exacto knife to cut the shape I wanted for the red background and the letters came pre-cut on the sugar paper. The fork, spook and butter knife were all made of plastic. I found sliver plasticware, so they looked real! I wrapped the cake board with a plastic table cloth and hot glued it to the bottom of the cake board.

When my aunt walked into the resteraunt for the birthday party carrying this cake, her friends wondered why she was bringing spaghetti dinner in with her! They didn’t realize it was all cake and frosting! They were all excited to eat the spaghetti, meatballs and tomato that were really dessert in disquise!