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Cool Homemade Stitch Birthday Cake

This Stitch Birthday Cake was made for my daughter for her second birthday. This cake was a big project because I am not good in working with fondant. Anyway, this cake is a chocolate cake with chocolate cream ganache for filling and for outside to hold the fondant together.

I baked the cake with two big square pans and then I cut from the ears until head and chin from one square pan and the body from the another square pan. I had a big motive copy of Stitch and I cut this motive out and placed it on the cake, so I could cut the cake without any problems. Then I creamed the ganache over the form cake and put the head and body together. I colored the fondant with ice blue color and then put the fondant on the cake and cut the excess. Painted black food color with brush for lines and eyes. White fondant for teeth and red fondant for the tongue.

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