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Coolest Superbowl Cake

I made this Superbowl cake for a Super Bowl party we were having at work. I made the Patriots and someone else made a Giants cake. I used a 10″ cake for the bottom. It was a strawberry cake with cannoli cream filling. I felt that the sweetness of the cake would be nicely paired with the less sweet and creamy cannoli cream filling, and I was right.

I then covered the cake in navy blue fondant that I had to color to get the dark navy. I used royal blue Wilton’s food coloring and black Wilton’s food coloring. Along the top and bottom rim of the cake I cut white fondant strips that made the cake pop, and covered the slight cracking in the fondant…lol. I then hand painted with black food coloring the Super Bowl Logo for 2012 and placed that in the center of the cake.

I then used a baby onesie cookie cutter to make the jersey, cutting off the bottom of the onesie so that it resembled a shirt. Then with a small wood rolling pin I used for gum paste flowers, I rolled the jerseys out to make them a bit larger and easier to write on. I then picked my top 6 players on the team and with the Wilton markers wrote the names and numbers of each player and placed the jerseys around the sides of the cake.

The helmet on top of the 10″ cake was made from rice crispy treats, which I made myself and formed into the ball cake pans, set in the fridge for a half hour then used butter cream frosting to adhere the two halves together. I then covered the ball with frosting and covered it in two layers of white fondant so that the crispies couldn’t be seen. I then molded the entire ball into the shape of a helmet, put black fondant for the face area, then floral wire covered in red fondant to make the face mask.

I then used silver luster dust (dry) to give the silver look to the helmet. I made the logo by hand painting it on white fondant with red and blue food coloring, then carved it out with an exacto knife and placed it on the helmet. I then placed the 50 and 40 yard lines underneath the helmet to give it the illusion of a football field and placed pennants I printed off the computer and hot glued onto shish kabob sticks around the back of the cake to give it a stadium look.

Unfortunately the Patriots did not win this year, but I think my cake was a real winner, and everyone enjoyed it. The helmet I saved and have it sitting at home as a centerpiece for now. I don’t have the heart to cut into it.

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