This Homemade Teacher Appreciation Cake Design is yellow cake. I froze them first. Then tinted buttercream frosting blue and red. I covered the top and one side (the back of the books). Then I let them set for 30 minutes and then took a paper towel and smoothed very lightly the frosting to make sure I had a smooth surface. I used an airbrush to add dimension by airbrushing them in red and blue.

Then applied the pages side of the cake using a basket weave tip. Then I made the apple out of rice crispy treats and covered it in Red Fondant. Then I made a fondant label, paper, and ruler. I used edible pens to draw on the labels, paper and ruler. I used tip 5 to write Reading and Math on the seams of the books. I used royal icing to give the apple a stem and leaf. I hope you enjoy!