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Coolest The Very Hungary Caterpillar Birthday Cake

My son Noah loves The Very Hungary Caterpillar by Eric Carle. For his second birthday I decided to have a Very Hungary Caterpillar Birthday Party.

The Very Hungary Caterpillar Birthday Cake was surprisingly easy. I got the basic idea for the caterpillar from a friend of mine. First I baked a half-sheet cake for the base. We have a large family so I would definitely need the cake. For the caterpillar, I baked a single cake mix cake in a bundt pan. A few days ahead, I used gum paste to make all the goodies that the caterpillar eats in the story. I used a toothpick to put a nibble hole through each one. I allowed them to dry until they were hard.

A day ahead of time, I frosted the bottom cake with butter cream icing. Then I cut the bundt cake into three pieces and arranged them into the shape of a caterpillar. I then used butter cream icing tinted green to frost the caterpillar. I used chocolate kisses for his feet and M&Ms for the polka dots.

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