Coolest Tiger Lily Cake

I am German and used to live in Georgia for about 3 years, where I ate a lot of beautiful birthday cakes. Now back in Germany I make the typical American birthday cakes for my kids. My niece asked me now for an Indian cake, but I could not find one on this homepage. I came up with the idea of Tiger Lily from Peter Pan and found some pictures on the internet.

The is a sponge cake with crisco/powdered sugar icing. I am always thankful for recipes and tips, even If I have to substitute with German products.

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  1. Wow that cake looks nice. how do you make it. I wanted it for my birthday but it did not say how to make it so if you say how to make it that would make it the best. I wanted it but I could not have it because it had no recipe with it, so please make a recipe for it please

    From: Jenna McCann


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