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Cute Homemade Dr. Seuss Birthday Cake Design

For my son’s first birthday I wanted to have a Dr. Seuss theme so that he would get books instead of toys for gifts. Then I decided to do a Green Eggs and Ham cake. After perusing this website I decided that it would be more fun to do a Cat in the Hat themed cake instead.

I have never baked a cake before, other than to do a box cake and frost it which I wasn’t very good at, at all. I thought what the heck, let me give it a try.

I made my cakes beforehand and froze them for a week (this makes it easier to cut into shapes later). I made my fondant with the marshmallow and powdered sugar and water recipe. It is easy to find and you can seal it in saran wrap and leave it on the counter for a week.

I portioned out my different balls of fondant and colored them using food coloring. This took awhile of hand kneading but in the end was worth it. I decorated the cake first by laying the fondant. Then I applied the fondant cut outs using frosting as glue. I then used a paintbrush and black food coloring to do all of my detail work and heavily shaded areas.

Then I rubbed Crisco on the fondant with my finger to bring the cake to a good shine. I then went in with more black food coloring and my paintbrush to do my light shading, as it was now floating on top of the Crisco. I added wire and fondant balls as well as white chocolate dipped cake balls to add extra flair and decoration.

I used 3 different types of candles to add more Seuss-like funkiness. I also added little paper flags. The bubbles coming off the fish are tiny fondant circles adhered with a dot of frosting.

I am so happy that I just went for it and made this Homemade Dr. Seuss Birthday Cake Design! What fun, what fun!

Homemade Dr. Seuss Birthday Cake Design

Homemade Dr. Seuss Birthday Cake Design

2 thoughts on “Cute Homemade Dr. Seuss Birthday Cake Design”

  1. What size is this cake? I think I would like to do something like this for my son’s first birthday but it looks difficult – can you help me? what size pans did you use?
    This cake is beautiful!

  2. This cake is incredible.. I appreciate your explanation of how you did it.. now I wish you could some how pass along talent!


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