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Coolest Tinkerbell Birthday Cake Design

First I started with a 12 x 18 cake pan. I covered with buttercream then added a bright green tinted fondant. I brushed it with the green glitter dust to give it the 3D effect and the shimmer/ Tye die type look. I cut out the flowers with fondant cutters using fondant and gum paste.

Once the flowers dried, I painted on edible dust. I used different colors – white glitter, green glitter, silver and gold glitter. Even a purplish gray. I cut the leaves from gum paste and fondant. I then used veining fondant tools to give the leaves a realistic vein. And a ball shaped fondant tool to shape the flower petals.

I used a pumpkin carving cut out for Tinker Bell’s face and cut it out using an exacto knife. Then peeled it and placed it on the cake. I used colored edible gels in tubes for her eyes and the ribbon. And then a darkly colored pink for her lips using fondant. The vines are rolled gum paste and fondant – which ever one you use depends on how flexible you need your vines.

This Tinkerbell Birthday Cake Design was my first cake I ever attempted and it took about a week for complete prep work. You can make your fondant and butter cream ahead of time and do your cut outs ahead of time as well. If you hand make flowers – allow and extra WEEK!

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