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Coolest Tinkerbell Fairy House Birthday Cake

This Homemade Tinkerbell Fairy House Birthday Cake was for my daughter’s 5th birthday party and I am proud to say the best cake I have made to date! It was the most involved cake I have ever made as a lot of the decoration goes beyond the cake itself but was the most fun I have had creating something out of nothing!

The cake was baked in two parts – one is a cake baked in a Pyrex or glass bowl suitable for oven use and the other baked in a round 20cm cake tin. I placed the bowl cake on top of the circle cake round side up – after I cut of the excess to make it flat.

I used a simple butter icing to completely cover the cake and used wafer sticks/straws to surround the wall of the house. Then the leaf roof of the house was made out of homemade marshmallow fondant dyed green. The leaves were just a rough shape I did by hand all different sizes you make as you go along to make sure you have all the roof covered. Once you have a first layer of leaves you need to use sugar paste to stick on the top leaves onto existing leaves. Then I added sugar flowers from the supermarket.

Then the doors and windows were made out of wafer rectangles – I found them in the desert and topping aisles of the supermarket as they are designed to go with ice cream, and cut them into small squares is easiest. I attached this with sugar paste/glue.

The grass I made with shredded coconut I dyed green then stuck to the platter with the sugar paste. Then made toadstools out of two marshmallows one puff style and the other a simple cylinder shape – and yes marshmallows do come in two shapes! I stuck fairy sprinkles with sugar paste also and used small Tinkerbell figurines to the scenes. I dyed some coconut blue to make a pond and added a frog figurine from one of my younger daughter’s dummies (pacifiers for you Americans). And this pink fairy sprinkles were made to be the path outlined with the silver balls that you can buy!

Very fiddly to do all that decorating so if you don’t have the patience don’t try it! I don’t have much but I find these craft activities very soothing.

Homemade Tinkerbell Fairy House Birthday Cake

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