Coolest Toolbox Birthday Cake

I made this Toolbox Birthday Cake for my husband’s 50th birthday. He has a vast collection on tools, so I had to sneek into his workshop to check out his tools. Most of the tools were made from a candy mold, such as the hammer, pliers, wrench chisle and saw, but the electrical pliers and the drill and the measuring tape I molded from fondant. The others I used chocolate candy melts.

The cake is a sheet cake, cut in half (that’s the bottom part), then the remaining half, cut in half again, this allows you to have two-halfs, then stack the two halves on top of the bottom have( you will notice that the bottom half will be longer than the two top half), this is what you want.

Cool cakes in fridge, ice all cakes, and cover in red fondant. The best way to get a very vibrant color of red is to use a 50/50 fondant and modeling chocolate (you can get red chocolate candy melts,the recipe for chocolate melts is, one 14oz bag of candy melts and 1/2cup of corn syrup. Mix the candy melts in the microwave on 50% less power so that they will not burn, when melted stir in the corn syrup, then let rest over nite, then knead until smooth.

Then tint the fondant red and mix the two together until smooth. This will give you a more vibrant color and you will notice you will use less red coloring. cover the cake, once covered, place black fondant on the bottom of the two levels, warm chocolate melts in microwave and pour them in the tools molds. Once they have cooled you can pop them out and brush them with silver luster dust, also you can find the luster dust at any Michaels and ACMoore crafts stores. Place the tools on and around the cake as shown in the pics.

For the top I used styrofoam covered in gray fondant, if you dont wanna use styrofoam, you can use RKT(rice krispie treats) you can find the recipe online. But if you use RKT make sure you iced them with royal icing and let it dry before you cover in fondant.

To hold the top on, I placed a dowel rod on either side and covered it with black fondant and rested the top on it. If you need to transport this cake do not put the top on until you are at your destination. Once everything was in place I put the measuring tape on (the measuring tape is just yellow fondant cut in a strip and rolled up), then I used food coloring and wrote the Happy Birthday and did the measurment markings.

Happy Baking!!!

Coolest Toolbox Birthday Cake

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  1. This is awesome! My hubby’s 40th is coming up and this is all the inspiration I needed for his cake!
    I will be sure to send in my version.


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