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Coolest Toy Story Buzz Cake

In a desperate attempt to inspire everyone to think of Buzz Lightyear and not have to go into too much detail, I put a spin on the character’s wardrobe and came up with what represented Buzz and his character’s friends as a child could process. Turns out, this idea for this Homemade Toy Story Buzz Cake went perfect and the little kids were yelling over one another “That’s Woody!” and “That’s Buzz!”.

My girlfriend, who I made the cake for, told me she didn’t realize the top of the cake was Jessie until her daughter fell head over heels in love with the concept herself (6 year old). To be honest, I saw this idea’s concept in a photograph I had Googled from Japan. It was a mall opening and this huge fake cake had been made outside this Toy Store in Tokyo. Looking it over, I made my own miniature version and put my own special touches to it.

NONE OF THE CAKE IS COVERED IN FONDANT, but the Star badge. Not even the cow print on Woody’s layer. Took me forever and I went through quite a few Viva paper towels, but my final product even surprised me. The topper was a Buzz Lightyear Play-doh topper my kids had laying around the house. I sterilized it and slapped it on the top to give it the character’s theme.

I’ve been asked to do this cake over and over again, but I’m just not interested in doing them more than once. I like a challenge, and I’m positive this challenge was met in complete succession. It’s one of my very favorite.

Homemade Toy Story Buzz Cake

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