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Coolest Toy Story 3 Birthday Cake

My little boy Max has loved Toy Story since he was old enough to play- the best investments we ever made were the Toy Story toys! So, of course when he turned three years old this past weekend I could not wait to throw him a Toy Story 3 Birthday!

It started with the invitation where I had his face put on Buzz Lightyear…to the Buzz and Woody cardboard cut-out’s for the party! I printed, cut, glued for weeks before to get the banners and signs done in time.

In regards to the Toy Story 3 Birthday Cake, I decorated my first cake ever for his 2nd birthday using fondant (home-made I might add) and swore I would never do it again, but once I decided on the Toy Story theme I started searching the internet for ideas anyway. I saw some cakes done using Andy’s bed and thought- why not, looks easy enough and I don’t have to make the figures this time around since we have most anyway! Said and done- I would do it!

I started working on the base where the cake would sit on as well as the background. I found the wood floor as well as the Toy Story wallpaper on the internet and printed it out. Once printed I glued it onto foam-board and put contact paper over it to make sure it would handle moisture. I read-up on gum paste, ordered some and made the headboard and foot board. I added some additional mini Toy Story characters we did not have and was ready to go for the big day.

I did “cheat” as far as the cake is concerned, I got the boxes and did not make it from scratch. I spent my time making the fondant from scratch instead. I think it tastes much better than the store bought and it is cheaper. My choice is the marshmallow fondant, very easy and quick. My tip here is Crisco is your friend! Don’t just put it on the table and/or bowl you will be using but butter-up your hands and arms, everything and anything that might touch that sticky marshmallow.

If you make sure to do this, making your own fondant is very easy, just marshmallows and powdered sugar! When it comes to decorating itself it’s trial and error and I know I have much much more to learn. I still struggle with getting the fondant on the cake and once it’s on you can’t go back, but despite a couple of places where it didn’t come out as planned I think the overall look was awesome!

I know my boy LOVED the cake, and still talks about it, as well as everyone else who saw it! Thanks for letting me share my boys Toy Story 3 cake with you!

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