Coolest Train Cake

I made this train cake for my little guy’s first birthday. It was a “piece of cake” to make! I started each section of the cake by using medium sized bread loaf pans for the mold. I made chocolate cake and white cake to give the guests a choice of flavor. The engine was the most time consuming, but fun to do.

I took two of the cakes from the bread loaf pans and put them in the freezer first to make them easier to cut. Then put one whole cake down and used the other cake to carve into the shape of the engine top (“orange” section on the top of it). I used icing and food coloring to add detail to each train section. Then topped them off with some sprinkles, chocolate chips and M&M’s as the cargo.

The wheels are Oreos that I piped white wheel design on and let air dry until I could move them without messing up the icing. I used a small amount of icing as glue to hold them to the cake. The trains are connected by “cow tales”. If you nuke the cow tales in the microwave for a couple of seconds, they become very pliable and made the perfect connecting cables.

It was a big hit!

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