Coolest Train Cake

This train cake was made for a customer whose husband works for BNSF as an engineer. The train was made of 2 11×15 sheet cakes, each cut in half (to make 11×7.5) and stacked. I froze them overnight to make carving the front of the engine easier. After trimming, I iced it and covered it in homemade fondant tinted with Wilton Orange icing color. I also tinted some of the fondant gray, black and yellow.

The gray fondant was for the front windows and the metal along the bottom, which was painted with silver luster dust mixed with a small amount of clear vanilla extract. The black was used on the top, hood, for the side windows and for the stairs. The yellow was used as an accent line, the headlights and to make the railing for the front, which was held up with toothpicks. The white rails were made from wire. The lettering on the sides was traced from an image printed off an internet site. I cut out each letter and lightly traced it on the fondant with a very sharp knife. Then I painted the letters with black icing color. The engine number on the side was also done with icing color, but it is also piped above each windshield in white icing with tip #1.

The bottom cake is 2 layered 12×18 inch cakes. The sides were just iced in white. I used icing tinted with Wilton Leaf Green and tip #233 to pipe the grass on the top and as a border along the bottom. The gravel was made from gray fondant (I just sat in front of the TV watching the news, rolling little gray pellets for an hour!), and the tracks were made from fondant tinted with Wilton brown. I had to use lots of plastic support dowels under the engine as it was VERY heavy.

Homemade Train Cake

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