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Coolest Transformer Birthday Cake

I made this Transformer Birthday Cake for the son of a friend of mine. He is a HUGE Bumble Bee fan from the Transformers Movie. I wished this a fondant frosted cake, simply because I was looking forward to painting the image on myself. However, most 8 year olds aren’t fans of the stuff.

I started by making a homemade yellow cake using Wilton’s “Bake ‘n’ Fill” pan set. I then filled it with a vanilla custard. The recipe for my buttercream is actually vegan. It’s not healthy by any means, but it does make a smooth icing that spreads evenly.

I tinted the homemade buttercream with yellow gel and (finally) purchased a turn table. It made for a quick and beautiful icing experience. It was fairly inexpensive, too!

The Transformers logo is made from gray/black tinted white chocolate. I made a stencil and put it under wax paper, then piped it on and set it in the freezer. I like using candy melts to do designs, simply because they peel right off the paper and you just stick it right onto the icing.

After assembling the cake and decorations, I piped his name on with writer’s gel.From what I hear he LOVED it!

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