I started this Transformers Optimus Prime Coolest Cake with baking a half-sheet cake, covered it in butter cream and white fondant for the base. Ground Oreo crumbs made the road, and strips of yellow fondant held the crumbs in place. I printed out pictures of the “Autobot” and “Decepticon” Logos, traced and cut them on fondant, and brushed the rest of the design using an edible silver powder I bought online mixed with a small amount of vodka.

For the truck, I baked another cake, and cut out squares and rectangles, building shapes with butter cream until I got a truck basic shape. I covered the cab with red and blue fondant, and created the smoke stacks with rolled fondant and painted with the silver powder. The wheels were two-licorice wheels adhered together with butter cream, and painted silver.

The other details on the truck where cut out fondant painted with either silver or black decorating gel (I used a picture online for a reference). Yellow fondant strips were placed along the base of the cake. When it was served, sparkler candles were placed in the smoke stacks-which made it a big hit!