I made this turkey cake for a thanksgiving party. My goal was to make a cake that looked like a real cooked turkey. It turned out fabulous. It had a lot of rough spots but I think that it actually made the cake look more realistic.

For the cake inside I did a vanilla cake with vanilla frosting and used rice krispie treats for the legs and used toffee crunched up to make it look like seasonings. A lot of people thought it was a real turkey and didn’t want to cut into till one of the people who were throwing the party did.

We had to cut a piece so people could tell that it was cake. Me and my now 3 year old son stayed up till 1 making it. He likes to help me. I had a blast with this cake and will definitely make it again. I used leftover cake pieces that I cut off of the cake to shape and cut that into squares and sprayed food coloring on it to make it look like stuffing.