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Coolest Turtle Cake

I made this cute little party turtle cake for a friends daughter’s 12th birthday. It was by far the most rewarding cake i have made yet. I’m not much of a cake sculptor so this was a definite challenge I was undertaking.

I made it by first starting off with a 2- 1/4 sheet cakes, stacked and filled then I made templates for each body part out of wax paper to help guide me in the shapes I wanted. I decided to do each part separate because i figured when it came to covering it in fondant i would have the most success in making it look nice and smooth.

After each section was iced and covered it began to assemble it and add the hexagon shapes to give it a scale-y look, the eyes and mouth and cute party hat and then finished it off with the awesome beachy sand by sprinkling brown sugar on the cake board. I even tried my hand at making my own shell molds from old fondant and lots of tylose powder. I think it worked? I had some shells that I used to create the mold and let them dry for about a week and used them to make the shells you see on the cake board.

When I arrived with this cake to the party, the birthday girl squealed with joy and all of the parents oohed and awed. It felt so rewarding to go for something challenging and to actually accomplish what you wanted it to look like!