Cool Homemade Willy Wonka Birthday Cake

My son’s favorite movie is Willy Wonka, so it seemed fitting that he have a Willy Wonka party for his 2nd birthday. There aren’t many ideas on the internet for a Willy Wonka Birthday Cake, so we had to get a little creative!

We used 3 boxes of funfetti cake mix to bake two layers. The bottom layer is two 10-inch round cakes, stacked. The second layer is one 8-inch round cake. I used cardboard to support the cake.

We dyed the fondant and then rolled it out to fit the cakes. We saved some for the circles. A trick we learned was to use nonstick spray when working with fondant. We put it on our hands, the rolling pin and used it to attach the circles to the cake. It worked great!

The circles were made out of fondant using two different fondant cookie cutters. We made the chocolate waterfall out of the melting chocolate you find on the baking aisle to dip strawberries in.

We put the entire cake on a piece of Styrofoam covered with green colored royal icing. I found the grass at Easter time…it is actually edible Easter grass. We added the top hat (purchased from Oriental Trading) and the candles (Party City). Then we just went crazy with lollipops and candy to make it look like the meadow.

It wasn’t terribly difficult. This was my first two tier cake. It was a huge hit at the party and my son loved it!

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  1. I love this cake, it’s a real portrayal of the idea of the movie, and my daughters school did this movie as a musical last year! it was amazing to see this in cake form.


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