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Coolest Wow Wow Wubbzy Birthday Cake

My 2 year old loves Wow Wow Wubbzy, and I thought a Wow Wow Wubbzy Birthday Cake wouldn’t be to hard to do for her birthday. I baked 2 sheet cakes and used the first for the body. I carved it to look like him, using a picture for reference. Then I used the second cake to make the tail and feet.

I first crumb coated the entire cake with yellow icing. I piped on the outlines with chocolate frosting, and also the face details. Then I went back in with a piping bag and piped a star detail to make Wubbzy stand out from the rest of the cake. I did a darker shade of yellow for the background, and then used white icing for the finishing touches.

It turned out pretty cute, and my 2 year old could tell exactly who it was supposed to be.

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