Coolest Yoda Cake Ever

I created this Yoda cake for my grandson’s 8th birthday. He was really into Star Wars and was having a Star Wars theme party, so a Yoda cake was perfect!!

  • I first layered basic yellow cakes for the body, and made a red velvet cake for the head.
  • After sculpting the facial features, I put a layer of buttercream icing, followed by the green colored fondant icing that had been rolled very thin so it would show the sculpted cake.
  • Then I used the dull side of a knife to sculpt the lines in his face.
  • To make the eyeballs, I first applied a small, thin piece of white fondant in the place of the eye socket, and then colored a small piece of fondant to match Yoda’s eye color for the iris of the eye. I followed that with placement of the pupil with a tiny piece of black fondant.
  • Ahead of time, I had sculpted the ears and hands, and put them aside to dry.
  • For the hands, I also sculpted “nails” for his fingertips and attached them to dry with the hands.

When ready to assemble, I put buttercream icing on the yellow cake layers, and then put the head on top of those layers, attached the hands to the cake layers, and rolled chocolate fondant as thin as possible and wrapped around the front of the layers to form his shirt. White fondant was rolled super thin and wrapped around his sides and back to form his robe.

This completed Yoda and all that was left was to transport this delicate cake 2 1/2 hours to the site of the party!

Coolest Yoda Cake Ever

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