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Cooliest Lady & The Tramp Spaghetti Cake

My daughter loves dogs and fell in love with Lady & The Tramp the first time she watched the movie. We had the idea for months to make a “spaghetti cake” for her Lady & The Tramp birthday party. I had the idea of how I could make it in my head all along. About a month before her party, I saw a spaghetti cake recipe in a magazine, which helped me figure out how to get the frosting just the right color to look authentic.

We baked a chocolate cake in a medium Pyrex bowl and inverted it. We applied a crumb coat, then used a small round holed decorating tip and squeezed the frosting in a random figure-8 design to look like a huge pile of spaghetti. To get just the right color, we used several drops of yellow food coloring and only about 1/2 tsp. of cocoa powder in a batch of white frosting.

The meatballs are just squished cake crumbs, the sauce is pureed frozen (thawed) strawberries, and the Parmesan cheese is grated white chocolate. We served it in a huge pasta bowl and we loved how this Lady & The Tramp Spaghetti Cake turned out!

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